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Chinese Cultural Intelligence
Chinese Negotiation Strategies
Chinese Economic Challenges
in the 21st Century
Chinese Leadership Styles
Chinese Marketing Strategies
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Dr. Torres' Current Articles

Constructivism Theory
Posted By Dr. Torres on August 22, 2015

The articles posted in this blog reflect the perspective of Dr. Torres.  That is, they are based on his
culture, education, experience, and research; with a constructivist's perspective; which suggests
there are multiple perspectives to every phenomenon, and regardless how unbiased the researcher
attempts to be, there will always be some semblance of bias. To understand knowledge, one must
understand that knowledge has many different perspectives.  That is, the knowledge provided by an
article, a subject-matter expert, literature, research, real-world practitioner, and so on is biased based
on many elements. Therefore, when reading an article, the reader must understand that the article is
one of many perspectives on the subject matter. To further, understand why these different
perspectives exist, an understanding of "Constructivism" is appropriate.

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Chinese Cultural Intelligence

Posted By Dr. Torres on August 22, 2015

The Chinese culture is amongst the world's most fascinating cultures, dating back over 5,000 years.
The historical, literary, and philosophical influences have had a profound and lifelong impact on the
behaviors, and socio-cultural principles, and practices of the Chinese people.  A generally submissive
society, that focuses on family, friends and overall collectivism, also practices a unique and very
different approach to communication; nonverbal.

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Chinese Negotiation Strategies

Posted By Dr. Torres on August 22, 2015

Over the past three decades China’s economic performance has exceeded all other countries’
economic growth performance by averaging 9.7% (Zhang, Li & Shi, 2009).  And even during the
global financial crisis, while their economic growth decreased from the three decade
average of 9.7%, they were able to sustain an economic growth beyond that of the majority of
countries throughout the world.  To this end, China has been able to accomplish in three decades
what it has taken developing countries approximately five decades (Guthrie, 2006).  Further,
China’s growing economic marketplace and integration into global economic institutions, such as the
WTO, has increased Westerners interest in their desire to do business in China.

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Chinese Current Economic Challenges

Posted By Dr. Torres on September 23, 2015

“China’s rise to international economic prominence began with socio-political, economic, and cultural
reforms late 1978 and into 1979 under the leadership of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping” (Torres,
2013). This economic growth led to an unprecedented growth for three decades with an average
growth of 9.7%.  Further, in 2012 researchers projected that China’s economy would slow down at a
rate of 5 or 6 to 8%; with a higher percentage between the 2012 until 2015. And from 2016 to 2025
China’s growth is projected to continue to decline to the range of 5 to 7%; with a strong probability at
the lower rates (Torres, 2013).  The current economic growth rates are estimated to be approximately
6.8% by the end of 2015; while many leading economist arguing that China’s actual economic growth
rate is in the low 6% for 2015.  These projections, made three years ago, and before, have proven to
be realistic.  And the current future projections for China’s economic growth rate suggests that China’
s economic growth rate will continue to decline in the next decade or two.

.…… [
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Chinese Leadership Styles
Posted By Dr. Torres on August 9, 2015

Article in process …… [Read More...]

An Introduction to Understanding Chinese Marketing Strategies

Posted By Dr. Torres on October 5, 2015

China’s impressive economic growth performance over the past thirty years has elevated China to the
second largest economy in the world.  This economic performance was achieved with a centrally
planned government and a market oriented system. Research suggests that Western academic and
prescriptive literature on basic strategic marketing practices are practiced in Chinese manufacturing
companies, with higher performing firms differentiating themselves by utilizing effective local
marketing strategies (Huan, Brooksbank, Taylor & Babbis, 2008).  And although there is a trend
towards adopting Western marketing management theories, there are efforts to apply indigenously
developed theories (Sutton-Brady, Voola, & Yuksei, 2010).  However, China has a very unique and
complex culture and philosophy that directly influences marketing strategies, consumer preferences
and emotional appeal.  Marketing strategies and research into doing business in China must be
comprehensive in capturing the depth and understanding of China’s political, legal, economic, social,
cultural, and environmental systems; as well as development of marketing strategies, competitive
intelligence strategies, marketing analysis, mode of entry, cultural impact on consumer behavior and
so on.  Further, researchers argue that organizations’ marketing strategies must be locally adaptive
and responsive in foreign countries; that is, think globally; act locally.   Moreover, research further
suggests that the Chinese consumer market is diversified, dynamic and constantly evolving at a rapid
pace, reflecting China’s economic growth..

....… [
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